entdecke.net: Wandertours (Wandertouren) Osteuropa
Duration: 5-17 days
Travel type: Active travel
Contact: reise@entdecke.net


Day 1

Your plane lands in Kutaisi. Straight away we set off for the picturesque region of Upper Svaneti. The mountainous landscape can’t bore anyone. We stop for a lunch break in Zugdidi and make our first acquaintance with the local cuisine. We take a stroll around the Inguri Dam, which is the most powerful building in the Caucasus with its 750 meters wide and 271.5 meters high and at the same time the highest arch dam of the Earth.

Day 2

In the morning, we enjoy a picturesque 5-km-long walk at stormy mountain river Dolra and along the dense forests – we visit the Shdugra Waterfall. From there, you have a wonderful view on the beautiful mountain Laila and a wide panorama on the Dolra’s canyon.

Day 3

Since ancient times, Georgia is known for its gold deposits. After breakfast we will visit one of the traditional places of gold production in Georgia – Enguri River. You have a unique opportunity to compete with the locals in gold panning. Around noon, we visit the former cultural and spiritual center of Svaneti – the community Latali. For lunch, we taste local specialties and the famous apple vodka “Nathani”. We spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere. You can hear the famous Georgian polyphonic songs sung by a local choir.

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