Reisen Weißrussland-Ukraine - Reiseveranstalter

Duration: 5-17 days
Travel type: Cross-border travel


Day 1

You fly to Lviv, the biggest city of Western Ukraine and the cultural capital of the country. After usual formalities, you will be warmly welcomed by our guide who will stand by your side during the whole trip. Our bus takes you to the hotel where you can relax after the flight or go for a walk in Lviv city center. In the evening, we meet for dinner.

Day 2

Rarely can we find a place frozen in time. Lviv offers an opportunity to look back at its history with a lot of nationalities contributing to the development of the city. Discovering the city center on foot, you will get acquainted with the versatility of architectural styles implemented in historical churches and houses, you will visit the Armenian and the Jewish quarters and the famous Opera House. In the afternoon, you will visit Lychakiv Cemetery and find out more about the personalities who were writing the history of the city.

Day 3

Yesterday, you made your first acquaintances with Lviv and its city center. Today, you will discover the other unique places in this old city and go on a big city tour. You will go up to the High Castle with a magnificent view over the city. You will also visit the St.George Cathedral – marvelous architectural ensemble, which interior is striking with its richness and diversity of iconography. Not only should you look around the city, but also feel its atmosphere with each single step, inhale it from the stones of old buildings, from the picturesque alleys inviting you to saunter around, from the shabby time-struck romantic benches in the park, spontaneous chess sets on the alley in front of the Opera House, in the atmosphere of numerous coffee houses. In the evening, we gather for dinner and share our thoughts.

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