Inforeisen Aserbaidschan - Reiseveranstalter
Duration: 7 days
Travel type: Info travel


Day 1

Late in the evening, your plane lands at the airport in Baku. You will be warmly welcomed at the airport by our guide, who will stand by you during the whole your trip. Our bus will take you to the hotel where you can relax after the flight or you could go for a walk in the city center of Baku. In the evening, we will enjoy our dinner, during which you will share your expectations about the trip. Welcome to Azerbaijan!

Day 2

Our acquaintance with Azerbaijan starts with its capital. The centuries-old quarters merge with totally modern parts of the city. It is a place, where rich history mingles with magnificent present. For the western visitor, Baku will be a sensational city. The sights line up one after another, all streets are full of fashionable boutiques and cozy pubs and incredibly nice and helpful people create a pleasant atmosphere around. Large parks, smartly renovated old town and illuminated fountains create an unforgettable image of Baku. The contrasts here have always been impressive but now the city is also a real exposure of the contemporary imposing architecture. Firstly, we visit the legendary Zoroastrian Maiden Tower of the 5th c. Then we walk to the old bazaar. The entire old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and during our city tour we visit the oldest Multani Caravanserai, the Haj Banu-Hammam from the 15th c., the Juma Mosque (Friday Mosque), which housed the carpet museum in the Soviet times, the Beglyar Mosque, the Abu Bakr Mosque with the tower from the 11th c., the Taza Pir Mosque as well as the Shirvan Palace). You will also be impressed by the modern district with three Flame Towers overlooking the city. They look as if they have been thrown from the heavens into the city by some fabulous giants.

Day 3

This day is one more opportunity for us to assure ourselves in ethnographic and religious gorgeousness of this country. Our first stop is Maraza (Gobustan) – the place of former Molokan (milkmen) settlements. The biggest peculiarity of this town is its inhabitants –Molokans – who represent a religious community that split from Russian Orthodox Church. In Maraza we see the century-old Muslim cemetery and two-story white cave mausoleum which was built in honor of Diri Baba and which is nowadays inhabited by hermit. Afterwards, we drive to the town of Shamakhi, which was previously a considerable craft and trade center. The city has the long literary tradition and it is the place where the famous Azerbaijani poet Nasim was born. That is why the city has become a symbol of Azerbaijani identity. Here we also visit Juma Mosque and the impressive seven mausoleums situated in the cemetery. Passing steep mountains and canyons we arrive in the village Lahich – a traditional center of copper forged art connoisseurs. Practically on every street you can find a copper smithy and the whole town looks like a gift shop. In the evening we reach Qabala where we have dinner and stay overnight.

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