Inforeisen Rumänien - Gruppenreisen -
Duration: 6 days
Travel type: Info travel


In Romania, the romantic and mysterious spirit of the Middle Ages is still felt all around. This country will for sure make an impression on everyone! Interior paintings and frescoes of Moldova monasteries, beautiful castles and fortified churches in Transylvania, centuries-old wooden churches in Maramaros create the vivid image of this land. Sibiu, as the cultural capital of Europe in 2007, Black Church in Brasov, which is the biggest sacred building in the East Europe, the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta with its blue-painted and patterned crosses adorned with carved ironic obituaries, and meeting with the Saxon family will be the next highlight of our trip. Moreover, fabled figure of macabre, bloodthirsty and relentless general Vlad Tepes (Dracula) gives this tour some flavor of ancient mystery that you will especially feel in the house where he was born and in the castle where, according to legends, he struck terror into people’s hearts.

Day 1

Around noon, we reach Sibiu / Hermannstadt – founded by German settlers, the city is still the center of the “Transylvanian Saxons”. In architecture, Sibiu reminds old German cities. Even now the signposts and tourist information are labeled both in Romanian and German, though most of the German inhabitants have left the city for Germany. While walking in the city center, you get the impression of the European Capital of Culture in 2007. During a city tour, you can see the large and the small city ring, the Liar’s Bridge and the Protestant Cathedral.

Day 2

Right after breakfast, we head for Brasov / Kronstadt. Brasov is considered to be a city on the rise. Owing to its eventful history, the largest city in Transylvania has a lot to offer. Kronstadt was founded as a bastion of the South-Eastern Transylvania. The well preserved historic center is surrounded by hills and displays an integral medieval townscape. The Baroque Town Hall, rebuilt after the fire in 1698, is situated on the triangular (!) square. Quite close there is the Black Church from the 14-15th century. The largest Gothic religious building of Eastern Europe is the symbol of Brasov. Also, you will see the church of St. Nicholas with the elements of Gothic and Byzantine style.
Then, you will visit the world renowned Bran Castle. In the massive castle, commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle”, the head of the vampires is said to have gone on his wild rampage. It is still a controversial question, whether the Dracula prototype, Prince Vlad Tepes, has ever visited the castle in reality. Anyway, perched on a rocky cliff above a peaceful valley, the castle presents a rather creepy, but somehow also a beautiful spectacle.

Day 3

Today, we go to the capital of Romania. Our route leads through Prahova Valley to Sinaia – “Pearl of the Carpathians”. In Sinaia, we visit the Peles Castle with a mixture of elements in Gothic and Renaissance styles, probably the most beautiful castle in Romania. Until 1914, it was the favorite summer residence of King Carol the First. Its timbered walls and bay windows remind both the imperial style as well as the Hohenzollern, the birthplace of the King. Nearby there is a beautiful monastery, built by the monks of the Sinai Peninsula in the 17th century. These monks have also given the city its name.
At noon, we reach Bucharest, have lunch, check-in and still have time for the first acquaintance with the city. We drive to the city center, Square of the Revolution with Athenaeum. The particular boast of Bucharest is its parliament building – the second largest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon) – this imposing, built under the rule of Nicolae Ceaucescu, magnificent building, houses today the Parliament. Around 700 architects and 20,000 workers had been working on the construction and had spent in course of 5 years around 40% of Romanian GDP. We have a walk in the government district of the Romanian capital. A special highlight is the dinner with folklore show in a typical Romanian restaurant. You just won’t be able to stay still! Get infected by good humor and rousing music and dance!

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