Inforeisen Westukraine - - Spezialist für Osteuropa Reisen
Duration: 5-17 days
Travel type: Info travel


7-day program

Day 1

You are flying to Lviv, the biggest city of Western Ukraine and the cultural capital of the country. After usual formalities you will be warmly welcomed by our guide, who will accompany you during the whole your trip. Then, the bus takes us to the hotel, where you can relax after the flight and talk share your expectations of the trip. Lviv offers an opportunity to look back at its history with a lot of nationalities contributing to the development of the city. The whole city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Discovering the city on foot, you will get acquainted with the versatility of architectural styles implemented in historical churches and houses, you will visit the Armenian and the Jewish quarters and the famous Opera House. Not only should you look around the city, but also feel its atmosphere with each single step, inhale it from the stones of old buildings, from the picturesque alleys inviting you to saunter around, from the shabby time-struck romantic benches in the park, spontaneous chess sets on the alley in front of the Opera House, in the atmosphere of the numerous coffee houses.

Day 2

Of course, Lviv has much more to offer. We will drive to the Lviv High Castle, from the top of which you will enjoy a marvelous look over the city. Today we also see the main building of Lviv – University building, and go up the Jura Mountain to visit St. George’s Cathedral. Someone has once told that each society is worth exactly as much as it commemorates its dead. To prove it, we offer you to visit Lychakiv Cemetery – one of the oldest cemeteries in Europe. Here you will learn a lot about the outstanding personalities, who for centuries have been writing the history of Lviv. Our next program point is Zhovkva. There we visit the amazing wooden church, which has been recently declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, the Synagogue, the Zhovkva Castle, the Collegiate Church, the Basilian Monastery.

Day 3

On our way to Ternopil, we visit the Olesko Castle, the oldest castle in the Galicia region, that stands on a 50m high hill in the south-eastern part of Buska Gorge. Its history was closely connected with the political struggle among Poland, Lithuania and Hungary. Here you will learn not only the details of this struggle but also hear a legendary story about the birth of a Polish king in this castle. Approximately 100 km from here lies the town of Brody, where in 1894, during the Austro-Hungarian rule, was born a famous Austrian writer Joseph Roth. Earlier the venue of Council of Four Lands, which was the central body of Jewish authority in Poland, is nowadays a small Ukrainian provincial town which owing to Joseph Roth is known around the world. You will visit the gymnasium where Roth has studied, explore the ruins of the largest synagogue in Galicia, where Israel Ben Elisier has got married his first wife. In addition, you visit the old Jewish cemetery and discover the Swaby district where the descendants of Swabian settlers lived. After lunch we drive to Ternopil and have there a small tour around the city center. The history of the city is not as rich in fateful events as Lviv’s, but it reports about the mostly peaceful coexistence of Poles, Jews and Ukrainians. The most beautiful sight of the city is a great, beautiful, to walk inviting lake in Ternopil. You will also see the main attractions of Ternopil – the Old Palace, the Dominican Church and Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. In the evening we reach Chernivtsi.

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