Reisen Balkan - Studienreisen - Reiseveranstalter
Duration: 5-17 days
Travel type: Cross-border travel


Day 1

The land, which for long years has been dimmed by the notorious conflict, has risen now like a phoenix  from the ashes and offers you a unique opportunity to experience stunning combination of Eastern and Western cultures!
During our tour, you will discover magnificent Belgrade, walk through the streets of medieval Dubrovnik, explore the current capital of the homeland of one of the greatest generals of all times – Alexander the Great, visit Sarajevo – the place from which has started World War I and get acquainted with a vivid city of Tirana, where you will explore the religious diversity of the contemporary Albania. En route, you will also enjoy the amazing landscapes of this astonishing land, which will be a veritable paradise even for the most demanding nature lovers!

Your plane lands at the airport of Belgrade. There, you are warmly welcomed by our guide,who will stand by you during the whole trip. Then, the bus takes us to the hotel, where the late dinner already waits for us. Here, you can relax after the flight and share your expectations of the trip.

Day 2

The cityscape of Belgrade immediately catches your eyes with such beautiful sights as the St. Mark’s Church, the Cathedral of Saint Sava and the Old Cathedral. During our trip, you will see the numerous famous and historical places. We will make a short stop at the Parliament and the Royal Castle. Then, we visit the Cathedral of Saint Sava, which is one of the largest churches in Europe. The St. Sava is considered as the patron of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The plateau of St. Sava is also home to the National Library of Serbia.
During the city tour, we also see the Republic Square and the National Theater.
At lunchtime, we meet with a Belgrade journalist with whom we will talk about the current political, economic and social situation in Serbia.
In the afternoon, a longer trip awaits us. We leave Serbia and come in the evening to the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.

There, we stay at a hotel and have dinner together.

Day 3

During our city tour around Sarajevo, we will first of all have a look around the modern city – the Marshal Tito barracks, Avaz Business Tower, the Olympic Village, the Parliament. Walking through the old town, you will notice the numerous features and influences which have shaped the present image of the city. Venetians and Byzantines, Ottomans and Austrians have left their architectural mark here. We will see the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the town hall, “House of Defiance”, several places of worship of different religions: the oldest surviving mosque in the country – the Beg Mosque, the Old Serbian Orthodox Church, the Synagogue and the Catholic Cathedral. In the district of Bascarsija, where is located the famous bazaar, you will feel the true oriental atmosphere.
In the afternoon, we leave Bosnian capital and just in two hours reach Mostar – another architectural gem of the Balkans. In the evening, we still have a meeting with a representative of a Bosniak-Croat reconciliation initiative. During dinner, we share our impressions of the day.

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