Reisen Polen-Ukraine-Slowakei - Grenzüberschreitende Reise -
Duration: 7-17 days
Travel type: Cross-border travel


Day 1

We reach Krakow, the biggest city of Western Galicia, often called the “Slavic Rome”. After breakfast, we have a sightseeing tour in the city. For Polish people, Krakow is the most beautiful city in their homeland and the most important cultural metropolis. Every stone can tell its history. Historical background, its colorfulness and rousing music immerse tourists into an unbelievable atmosphere. The whole old city belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List. We look around the biggest medieval market square in Europe, Cloth Hall, the building of Jagiellonian University and Royal Castle with a cathedral on Wawel Hill wherefrom Polish kings had been ruling the country for five centuries. We also visit marvelous St. Mary’s Basilica with famous Krakow High Altar, carved from lime-wood and two uneven towers which symbolize this church. Every hour you can hear trumpet melodies, which stop abruptly to commemorate the guards, who were shot with arrows in attempt to warn the city of tartars attack.

Day 2

From Krakow we head for Wieliczka. Here you have an opportunity to visit famous salt mine which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List with the impressive Chapel of St. King, situated 101 meters underground. You will enjoy almost three kilometers of serpentine corridors, which are the most popular attraction for tourist, who are seeking adventurous time in Krakow region. After having tasted the culinary delicacies served in the underground tavern, the elevator brings you back to the sun. We return to Krakow,where you will have the whole afternoon for yourselves. In the evening, we gather for dinner.

Day 3

In the morning, we start our way to Slovakia. Our road lies through Beskids, wild Carpathians in the north-east of Slovakia with its thick forests that still preserve the original culture of local citizens. You can see here Catholic and Greek-Catholic churches just next to Orthodox ones. In Lukov-Venecia, the former glass-blowers’ settlement, we visit more than 300 years old Cosmas and Damian’s church. In Krive we get charmed by one of the most beautiful wooden iconostases with icons of different epochs in St. Lucas’ church. Ornamental paintings in Hervartov are also impressive. Our next stop is Bardejov, which is known as „the most Gothic city of Slovakia“. The city center has preserved domestic architecture and a lonely City Hall on a huge market square. The 12 Gothic altars of St. Agidius’ church give us an insight into wooden craft of this time. In the evening, we reach Košice where we share dinner with traditional Slovak cuisine and stay there overnight.

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